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Bullhorn Reach Social Media

Bullhorn Reach helps hiring managers, employees and recruiters leverage social media and search engines to find and recruit the best talent. Put your networks to work, cut through the clutter, and be effortlessly authentic with Bullhorn Reach.

Social Job Listings & SEO

Put your networks to work. Social media adoption is growing at a meteoric rate among all demographics, and people are spending increasingly more time online. Use Bullhorn Reach to broadcast your open jobs to your social media contacts, and automatically re-post until the job is filled. And, Bullhorn Reach syndicates your job listings to leading job boards, raising their visibility on search engines.


  • Broadcast open job listings to all your social media contacts in one fell swoop
  • Set the frequency of automatic re-posts, or we’ll do it for you, using our insight into what works best
  • Syndicate your Bullhorn Reach job listings to leading job boards, increasing their visibility of Google and other search engines

Reach Radar

Cut through the clutter. Chances are you have little to no time to either constantly monitor the endless stream of social network updates or identify the patterns of behavior that signal business opportunities among potential prospects. Reach Radar cuts down the time you spend doing research and calls out valuable business intelligence, like whether your social media contacts may be looking for a job.


  • Identify and highlight passively seeking top prospects before they change jobs
  • Reduce time spent monitoring your contacts’ social network updates for relevant information
  • Receive guidance on information about your social media contacts that’s relevant to your business goals

Sharing Content

Be effortlessly authentic. Engage your social media contacts with more than just job posts. Getting people's attention online requires nurturing their interest with relevant content. With Bullhorn Reach, you can see what others are posting within our network, take note of what content is trending, and submit your own articles to the community to develop your personal brand as a thought leader, while simultaneously promoting your open jobs.

  • Take note of trending content shared among recruiters in the Bullhorn Reach network
  • Share content to all of your social media networks in one fell swoop
  • Develop your personal brand by sharing content, while marketing your open jobs
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Bullhorn Reach is a division of Bullhorn, Inc., the global leader in Software-as-a-Service for independent recruitment agencies.

Innovation and satisfied customers lie at the heart of Bullhorn’s meteoric growth over the last 10 years, accruing over 20 percent revenue growth each year for the last six years in a row. Bullhorn’s core business provides completely integrated staffing and recruiting solutions to over 2,100 customers and 25,000 users around the world from a wide variety of job markets. Privately owned, Bullhorn is principally backed by Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners.

The success of Bullhorn’s core business has afforded the Bullhorn Reach team, a start-up within the company, to tackle the issue of social recruiting. In an ever-changing landscape, Bullhorn Reach applies the time-tested values of innovation and service to the road ahead.